7 Genius Travel Hacks Every Woman Should Know

by Erin Jahns


There are few things in life that we despise more than packing. Dragging our reluctant (and somewhat suspicious) selves to the gym, chugging any green juice that claims to bestow glowing skin (I plug my nose when no one’s looking), and admitting that it is simply nonnegotiable to go one more day sans shampooing—these are all child’s play in comparison to that dreaded carry-on. Seriously, it comes to us in our nightmares.

For us beauty addicts and product hoarders, separation anxiety regarding our daily must-haves is real—and slightly alarming. The mere thought of leaving behind our favourite lip balm or breaking our can’t-function-without-it blush into a powdery mess sends us into a tizzy. So, to get our packing panic in check (travelling is supposed to be exciting, after all), we’ve rounded up seven hacks guaranteed to streamline the not-so-fun packing process. Keep scrolling to see the tips that will revolutionise your packing game forever.

Which hack has you most excited to get your packing on? Share below!

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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