Tracee Ellis Ross, Mandy Moore, and Zoë Kravitz All Love This Skincare Brand

Kaitlyn McLintock

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Just like Christie Brinkley, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Lopez, Tracee Ellis Ross has that special kind of ageless-looking celebrity skin that seems to radiate light from the inside out. No matter what event or occasion, her complexion looks glowy and youthful. Here's the thing, though. We're a group of modern women with busy schedules who know that glowy and youthful skin isn't always something that's easy to obtain (the whole #iwokeuplikethis thing need not apply to early Monday mornings). Unless you're particularly genetically blessed, it takes a diligent skincare routine and effective formulas to achieve.

For Tracee Ellis Ross, that means a pared-down, ultimately waterless skincare routine she recently shared with her 5.6 million Instagram followers. In it, she features a brand also beloved by Mandy Moore and Zoë Kravitz: Retrouvé. Moore wore the Revitalizing Eye Concentrate and Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer to the Emmys, and Kravitz told us she credits her nearly poreless skin to the same eye cream and a nutrient-rich serum. See how Ross uses the brand, plus her other favourite skincare staples below.

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