This Is the Top Luxury Foundation on the Internet

Lisa Patulny

Finding your perfect foundation match can be more difficult than finding a life partner. (I've done both, and the former took almost as long as the latter.) All jokes aside, deciding on a new base does require a lot of thought. You've got to consider finish, texture, shade, formula, and coverage, all before you get to the question of cost. While drugstore foundations have certainly come a long way since the gloopy, hard-to-blend formulas of yesteryear, sometimes a girl just wants to go luxury. (Plus, an expensive foundation is still a lot less spendy than a shopping spree on Net-A-Porter...) Considering prestige brands start at around $50, you want to be extra sure before you lay down your cold, hard cash.

All the more reason to turn to our mates at Rank & Style, a site that aggregates the most popular products on the World Wide Web. Want to know which luxury foundation other beauty shoppers love the most? You're about to find out.

Click through the gallery below to count down to #1.

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