How Top Aestheticians Take Care of the Other 95% of Their Bodies

Lindsey Metrus

Faithful the Brand

We diligently wash our faces, pat on toner, moisturise, and occasionally do a peel or sheet mask. But when it comes to our bodies—and I may be speaking for myself here—we don't give nearly as much love to the other 95% of our skin. For me, laziness is a key player here, but the reality is that, like the skin on our faces, the skin on our bodies experiences a decrease in collagen and elastin, photoageing, and wrinkles. Clearly, not giving it proper care and hydration is doing ourselves a huge disservice, so aside from sometimes just slapping on a bit of body lotion, let's learn how to make our bodies as ageless as we aim for our faces to be, shall we? To get started, we asked four top aestheticians for their body care rituals. Ahead, their best tips.

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Next up, take a look at how estheticians apply their facial products.

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