A Top NYC Blogger Shares Her Entire Beauty Routine

by Byrdie

After moving to NYC to get her degree in fashion merchandising from FIT, Lisa Cahue dove head-first into the industry. She worked behind the scenes at fashion staples like Scoop NYC and Harper’s Bazaar before transitioning into the professional world of acting and modelling. Today, she works in all facets, from design and development to production and showroom. Lisa’s core belief is that to live a happy, full life, one must connect the mind, body, and soul. She empowers people with this mantra every day via her popular blog, Mind Body Swag. MBS inspires fashion, lifestyle, travel, and (lucky for us) beauty followers everywhere. Today, she’s focusing on her entire skincare and beauty routine. Turns out we were missing some basic elements in our own regimens, including a coin-size dollop of confidence.

The questions I get asked the most are about my skincare routine. I don’t think my skin is flawless (a big thank you to everyone for all the compliments), but I will say there are things I do believe in to get better skin. I’m not an expert, I just want to share the things I do, as well as some of my favourite beauty products I swear by.

These are the steps I take to get healthy, glowing skin.

Step 1

Diet is everything! I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. Five years ago I was diagnosed with a stomach disorder, so I had to eliminate dairy, gluten, and all meat products to get to the root of my problem. Even though at the time it totally sucked (excuse my French) I was determined to get healthy. As a result, I noticed a huge change in the overall appearance of my skin. Now, I’m not telling you to go on a strict diet, but I do believe cutting dairy will change your skin. Eating a mostly plant-based diet guided me toward a healthy gut and glowing skin. I also make it a point to stay hydrated.

Step 2

I start each day cleansing my skin. I use Cetaphil in the morning and Purpose at night. I found that Purpose removes makeup better than Cetaphil, but I love how soft my skin feels after using Cetaphil. I also use Neutrogena makeup wipes, along with the cleansers, just to be sure all my makeup is off.

Step 3

About three times a week, I use Rodan + Fields Micro-Dermabrasion paste. It is life-changing! I honestly notice a difference every time I use this product.

step 4

I use SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic every morning after I cleanse and after I exfoliate with the paste. This stuff is like liquid gold. I swear by it. It’s pricey, but I wouldn’t steer you wrong. You only use about three to four drops a day, so it definitely lasts a while.

step 5

Moisturise. I use Oil of Olay Sensitive Skin Moisturizer. It has SPF 15, and it is very mild for your skin. I also rotate eye creams. I love Rodan + Fields Eye Cream or Skinfix Brightening Eye Cream day and night.

step 6

I add Aquaphor on top of my moisturiser for extra dewiness. It’s so moisturising, especially in the winter.

There you have it—my skincare routine is simple and easy. In addition to my daily routine, I use Bliss Triple Oxygen Eye Masks for under-eye puffiness and Dr. Colbert Masks if I have a special event or if I need extra radiance.

I don’t wear a ton of makeup. I’m more into the natural look, so I wanted to share some of my favourite makeup products. Scroll down to see which products I used in the unretouched photos for this post. You will see my skin is not flawless, but like they say, you have to love the skin you’re in.

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