Shop the Drake-Inspired Tom Ford Lipstick You Can No Longer Buy Overseas

Lisa Patulny

When Tom Ford brought back his Lips and Boys Collection last month, we were ecstatic; it’d been far too long between dalliances with Joaquin and Jake. Even better, this time around there were a few new gentlemen added to the list of inspired-by lipsticks. One in particular stood out for us—Drake.

While we get the appeal of being able to hold our lips close to anything named Drake whenever we like (cue: the Hotline Bling hand), even we were blown away to discover this shimmery shade of plum sold out pretty much instantly in the States. According to Elle, Net-a-Porter’s stock was completely snapped up after being listed for mere minutes, with listings on eBay (for upwards of $90) appearing soon after.

Happily, living down under does have some advantages—Tom Ford’s Lip Color in Drake ($48) is available locally at David Jones. We suggest you run, it can’t be long before the masses catch on.


Are you a Drake fan? Are you keen to get your mitts on this inspired-by lipstick? Sound off in the comments below.


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