These 3 Everyday Habits Are Causing Your Breakouts

Lisa Patulny


Let’s be real—battling acne on the daily is a drag. As someone who suffered with persistent breakouts in my teens, I know how much of an impact skin troubles can have on everything from your confidence to personality. (Being hyper-aware of your own spotty face isn’t exactly conducive to self-assuredness.) If you too know the pains of constantly skirmishing with your complexion, you’ve probably tried just about every skin-perfecting product, trick and treatment available. (If not, might we suggest starting with a blemish-reducing food plan, cult spot treatment, or even ditching salicylic acid to see what happens.) If you've tried all that (and more) and still don't see a clear, bright face in the mirror, you could be making a common breakout mistake. According to Bustle, the reason for your acne might be so simple you’re completely missing the opportunity to address it. Surprisingly, there are several pimple-encouraging habits most of us don't stop to consider.

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