Unpopular Opinion: Here's Why the Thick Eyebrow Trend Bothers Me

by Oset Babür

The Coveteur

The night of my eighth-grade graduation, I stood in front of a mirror wearing a beautiful strapless poplin dress from American Eagle that was held up by a generous amount of padding and an even more generous amount of fashion tape. I had just gotten my braces off. My skin wasn’t acting up that week. But something still looked off, and I couldn’t live with it: my eyebrows. They were too thick, too bushy, crowding my entire face.

As a Turkish-American girl, my natural brows stood out in bold contrast to the desired pencil-thin look, and over the years, I’d speed-dated all the tools trying to tame them: tweezers, wax strips, and various As Seen on TV paraphernalia, all to disappointing results. So I finally did what any reasonable teenager of the 2000s would do: I took a razor to my left eyebrow and did some mild shaping.

Things looked lighter, thinner, but as someone who had been relentlessly tormented about her natural brows by her peers in middle school (many of whom still wear cargo shorts and never moved out of their hometown), the act of just shaving it all away was so freeing that I didn’t really notice when I’d reduced my eyebrows to practically nothing.

Of course, my mother did, and she whisked me away to try every manner of penciling and brushing she had on hand, all while repeating the same tiresome mantra she had told me for my entire life—about how beautiful and natural my brows were and how lucky I was not to need to draw them in like lighter-haired women. Despite all the magic she was able to work, she was unable to grow half of an eyebrow back in the span of 30 minutes. Our family albums will bear the aftereffects of my doing forever.

But as it turned out, 13-year-old me was just a decade early for the bushy brow trend that bloggers and beauty gurus now obsesses over, not to mention the slew of products that exist to emulate the look I had spent most of my adolescent years trying to get rid of.

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