The Secret to Kerry Washington's Natural Looking Lashes

by Britt Aboutaleb

Who: Kerry Washington
Where: Disney and ABC’s Television Critics Association Party
?Why: There’s a happy place between three coats of mascara and inch-long mink eyelash extensions, and it’s a place Kerry Washington occupied last night. What, we had to know, is the secret to making faux eyelashes look so real?

“Ardell has a line called Natural that has a clear band so that when you apply them to your lash line it looks so much more natural than those with a black band,” says Washington’s makeup artist Carola Gonzalez. She used Ardell’s Natural Lash 109 ($4) on the Scandal star last night, only sweeping mascara through Washington’s own lashes after applying the strips. “I used mascara to bring her own lashes and the fake lashes together, not to add volume or length,” says Gonzalez, warning that that’s when things start to look costume-like.

And if you’re wondering about that cherry red lip, Gonzalez used Clinique’s Chubby Stick ($16) in Two Ton Tomato: “She already had on a red dress and it’s summer, so I just wanted something sheer to add some colour!”

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