The 15 Products We've Used for Over 2 Years (at Least)

Erin Jahns

Extolling the magic of new-to-us beauty products is one of our favourite things to do here at Byrdie HQ (which is lucky considering swiping and swatching the endless array of products we receive is all in a day's work). Between hair products, makeup, and skincare, we even designate separate columns at the end of each month to share all of our freshest finds. However, that's not to say we abandon our arsenal of old faithfuls—the holy-grail formulas we've deemed virtually irreplaceable over the years. Confession: No matter how many new products we try (and maybe even like or love), we still steadfastly remain monogamous with 90% of our product regimen—the contents of which oftentimes remain unaltered for years—be it two, five, or even 12. (Yep, some of us still use some of the same product we discovered back in middle school.)

Although the brand-new year (hello, 2019!) often beckons brand-new everything—trends, travel plans, workouts, intentions, work goals, and yes, even beauty routines—we're pretty positive the products we've used forever will continue their reign as dominant fixtures on our vanities and in our makeup bags. After all, if we haven't found something better, why would we replace the dry shampoos, mascaras, and perfumes that have collectively earned us scores of compliments, inquiries, and photo-taking good fortune over the years? Ahead, a neatly compiled lineup of unbeatable beauty products Byrdie editors have used and loved for eons without feeling the need to replace them. Keep scrolling!

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