Taylor Swift Swapped Lip Colours at The Grammys and No-One Noticed

Lisa Patulny

It's the day after the Grammys and the internet is still imploding with talk of Taylor Swift's fresh new bob. Comparisons have been made to Anna Wintour (yes!) and even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Violet Beauregarde (fact: the kid had great hair). We too, have love for the singer's chop but flicking through images of the event we realised: Swift's hair wasn't the only beauty statement she made on the night.

In what seemed to be a very low-key version of the time-honoured mid-event outfit change, Swift started out the night wearing orange-red lips only to accept her awards (and perform) repping a more muted candy pink. Check it out.


What do you think of Taylor's swift lip colour change? Would you switch your lipstick mid-way through an event? Sound off below!


Opening image: Getty

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