Taylor Hill Shares Her Diet and Fitness Routine (It Involves Cheetos)

by Victoria Hoff

We’re excited to continue our new series, The Close-Up, where we take a closer look at celebrities, influencers, and pop culture phenomena. You’ve read about them on the internet and clipped their photos out of magazines—but now you’ll have the chance to get to know them personally through fun Polaroids, handwritten beauty advice, product recommendations, and so much more.

It takes me all of 30 seconds after meeting Taylor Hill to realise she isn't like any other It girl I've ever met. She's breezy, funny, and most significantly, relatable. Not the ultra-curated, veneered "cool-girl," I went to In-N-Out after this major red carpet and look, here's the Instagram to prove it kind of relatable, but actually relatable. For example, during our 10-minute chat, I'll learn that Hill played saxophone and clarinet in her high school marching band, harbours an undying love for Hot Cheetos, and is incredibly proficient at bird calls. Given that the 20-year-old has seen her career skyrocket to astronomical heights over the past couple of years—hell-o, Victoria's Secret—it's remarkable and refreshing to learn that she's so grounded in the whirlwind. 

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