Meet the Superfoods You Can Buy at the Supermarket

Lisa Patulny

It seems like every other week there’s another ‘til-now forgotten healthfood being dug up by researchers and touted as the next big thing. Case in point: matcha powder and banana flour. Both traditional ingredients outside of the Western world, both just coming to our collective attention.

Remember when you didn't know what quinoa and chia seeds were? These once unusual ingredients are now more common than kale (another former superfood “flavour of the month”) in green juice. Happily, as these foods become more familiar they also tend to drop in price, but unless you live near a healthfood store or organic market they can still be hard to find.

To that end, Time magazine has pulled together a list of lesser-known foods that still kick goals when it comes to providing your body with vitamins and minerals. The best bit? They're all available at the supermarket. Keep reading for the intel on what you should add to your grocery cart!

Do you already add any of these grocery buys to your cart? What do you think will be the next big superfood?

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