The Crazy Reason Your Food Cravings Keep Changing

Amanda Montell

Have you ever experienced a sudden craving for a food you've never been that into before? For example, maybe one day, after 28 years of never having a sweet tooth, you suddenly wake up with an insatiable taste for doughnuts. Or potato chips. Or red meat. What gives?

According to nutritional therapist Antonia Magor, there is actually no simple explanation for why people crave the foods they do. "Food is such a powerful part of our development and social experiences that cravings are as complex as we are," she says. Our unique biochemistry, social groups, cultural influences, and emotional connections to food all contribute to our particular tastes. "Cravings can be influenced by so many factors that they can change throughout our life just as we do," says Magor.

That said, we are more likely to develop cravings for certain foods, and there are a few common reasons this happens. To find out more about the science behind our cravings, we consulted Magor, as well as three other nutrition experts. To get to the bottom of why we seem to develop food cravings out of nowhere, keep reading.

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