Millennials Spend an Hour Each Week Doing What?!

Mary Peffer

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram on any given day, it’s no secret that selfies, save for the duck lip pose (RIP), are still having a moment. We’ve covered selfie-ready beauty tricks, including tips from heavy hitting beauty influencers like Kim Kardashian and Michelle Phan. But while, duh, selfies are popular, we don’t usually get visibility to the social media stats behind them. Until now.

A recent study by Now Sourcing and Frames Direct revealed some shocking selfie stats. First up, Instagram has almost 250 million posts that qualify as selfies, the majority of which feature an individual’s face. That coverage extends to hair, makeup, and expression, and it also reflects the overall interest in beauty in the digital space. And there is no hint of that slowing down. The study predicts the average millennial will take up to 25,7000 selfies during their lifetime. Spending roughly an hour a week dedicated to the process.

That’s likely a lot of time spent editing! Your time is valuable. Always apply a primer like Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer ($32) then shop our favourite photo-ready foundations to save you time the next time you indulge in a selfie. 

Were you surprised by these selfie statistics? Is there a go-to makeup you trust for photos? Sound off below!


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