This Expert Says Stress is Making Your Hair Greasy

Lisa Patulny


There are a few things we know can dramatically affect the life of a blowdry, turning strands grimy in a hurry. (See: working out, touching your hair a lot and humidity.) Being aware of these factors goes some way towards avoiding them—or at least mitigating their adverse effects—but what if we told you there was another, sneakier cause behind greasy strands?

According to one editor at Allure, who was suddenly faced with unpredictably limp roots, this mystery culprit is none other than stress. Dermatologist Francesca Fusco explains: "When you're stressed, it may affect hormone levels and make your scalp oily." If that wasn’t depressing enough, it turns out the very same hormones can also increase oil production in the skin. Greasy hair and a breakout? Not cool hormones, not cool.

Dry shampoo (like this one from Bumble and bumble, $53) is a quick fix but make sure you switch up your regular shampoo for an anti-dandruff formula every other wash to keep build-up at bay. For a long-term solution we recommend incorporating some form of stress relief like stretching or yoga into your daily routine. 

Click over to Allure to read the rest of the article and tell us, do you notice that stress affects your hair? Sound off below.


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