Stephanie Shepherd Doesn't Wear a Lot of Makeup—But Loves This Serum Instead

Lindsey Metrus

Typically, celebrity assistants don't get to see much of the spotlight, considering they're the ones behind the scenes making sure everything is running free of snags, fielding potential PR nightmares, and making their celebrity bosses seem as though they have got it all together (even if the reality is a bit more chaotic). However, for Stephanie Shepherd (also known by fans as Steph Shep), working as Kim Kardashian West's assistant meant climbing the ranks as an influencer and career woman. So, while she was doing less-than-glamorous tasks like laundry or hunting down a Cards Against Humanity game for Kanye West, she was also frequently featured in the sisters' Instagram posts, promoted to COO of Kardashian West brands, helping to conceptualise products for KKW beauty and design Kimojis. She no longer works for West, but she's amassed over one million followers on Instagram and partners with brands like Rosetta Getty and American Express, proving she's got the momentum as her own entity to forge her own path without being contractually tied to perhaps the most famous family in the world.

We recently sat down with Shepherd to talk about our favourite subject (and one she gets asked about constantly): her favourite products. From the spray that helps her Pocahontas-like hair looks smooth and silky to the product she uses in place of makeup, below are her #JustFiveThings.

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