Which Fragrance to Buy This Season, Depending on Your Birth Flower

Emily Algar


Florals aren't exactly ground-breaking (as wise woman Miranda Priestly once infamously said), but there’s no denying they’re in abundance when it comes to our perfume. It could be all the fresh blooms circulating the air but there’s just something about the change of seasons that makes us want to toss aside our regular fragrance in favour of a fresh new scent.

The only problem this presents though, is the sheer abundance of options (and the fact that fragrance shopping isn’t easy). You could head to the nearest department store only to cave and buy the same-old bottle, or you could draw inspiration from your birth flower. But because most us don’t have the nose of a Parisian perfumer, picking out single notes from a multi-layered scent is no easy feat. So we’ve done the hard work for you and matched up your birthday to what we’re sure will be your new signature scent.

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Opening image: That’s Just Fabulous

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