This Delicious Drink Collaboration is What Summer Dreams Are Made Of

Lisa Patulny

What do you get when you take a cold pressed juice brand known for their delicious (and huge) range of juices, smoothies, mylks and tonics and add the expertise of Byrdie Australia contributor Bianca Cheah-Chalmers? Only what is possibly the most decadent summer drink of all time. Enter: Organic Avenue x Sporteluxe’s Loco for Coco ($10).



We could have guessed that this limited-edition blend of coconut water and coconut cream would taste like summer in a bottle (spoiler: it does), but what we didn’t know is that it also has serious body benefits. Cheah worked with Organic Avenue nutritionist Bannie Williams to create a drink that showcases the superfood powers of coconut. “We chose coconut as the star ingredient for all of its nutritional features and because it’s so darn tasty!” says Cheah. (A woman after our own hearts.)

First up, the healthy fats in coconut help stabilise blood sugar levels helping to prevent sugar cravings. (FYI, Cheah enjoys Loco for Coco as a healthy swap for sugary treats when she feels like something sweet in the afternoons.) According to Sporteluxe, coconut is also rich in natural electrolytes, fibre and vitamins making it the perfect post-workout boost. What’s not to love? 

Available over summer, get your mitts on Loco for Coco by heading in-store to Organic Avenue or shopping online (coming soon!).


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