This Immunity-Boosting Green Powder Is Trending Like Crazy on Pinterest

Lindsey Metrus

In the Mood for Food

Listen—sometimes, there are trends we just can't get behind. Unicorn and mermaid colours seemed fun in the beginning, but they have spiraled into something a bit too oversaturated (makeup! food! hair!). We're feeling mythical-creature fatigue, so whenever the next wing- or fin-derived product surfaces, we let out a big sigh and move on.

That is until we caught wind that a popular mermaid ingredient is actually crazy good for your body: spirulina. Pinterest searches have increased by 35% this year for the blue-green algae, which is probably due mostly to the fact that it's used to make mermaid smoothies and mermaid toast, but it's safe to assume Pinners know about the incredible benefits the food-beautifying powders boast too. Take a look at some of its superpowers below.

Truth be told, spirulina isn't very tasty—it is algae, after all. However, you can buy it in tablet form to take it like a supplement, or you can add it to foods for a super snap-worthy dish that also benefits your body. Fortunately, there's a Pinterest board for spirulina recipes.

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