Searches for This Hairstyle Are Up 162% on Pinterest

Victoria Hoff


We can usually rely on Coachella to give us a prediction of the beauty trends that will dominate the season lasting into next summer. But after taking a look at all the photos from weekend one, we noticed that one hairstyle in particular was so pervasive—seriously, it was everywhere—that we had a feeling it would go well beyond the music circuit to become one of the It 'dos of the season. Sure enough, it's now trending on Pinterest in a big way—and interestingly enough, it's actually a glorious '90s throwback.

Remember space buns? Of course you do—they were the fast-track way to channel No Doubt–era Gwen Stefani (or Baby Spice or baby Britney Spears) while you lounged on your inflatable furniture. And as the many (many, many) influencers who donned them at Coachella proved, it's pretty easy to put a modern spin on this nostalgia-heavy hairstyle. Pinterest users can't get enough, either: Searches for the look are up 162% year-over-year, according to the site's analytics team.

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