Meet Smoky Blonde, the Cool-Girl Hair Colour That Looks Better as It Grows Out

Victoria Hoff

Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris

If I approach hair colour appointments with a fair amount of trepidation and dread, it's only because it's been known to take four or five hours just to highlight my thick, dark brown mane. ("Your strands are just so porous," the stylists marvel aloud as I inwardly grimace about my bionic strands.) So when I was informed late last year that it would take two whole days to go from dark chestnut to a sparkling shade of rose gold, I said a little prayer to the hair gods: Please, let this colour last so I don't have to go through this godforsaken ordeal every six to eight weeks.

It turns out I didn't need divine intervention—just the very able hands of my stylist, Amber Maynard of Los Angeles colour destination Nine Zero One. "I'm going to give you a dark, smoky root that fades into the lighter colour," she said. "That way, even as the pink fades away, you'll just have a cool, intentionally grown-out blonde. The roots are already there, so you won't need to touch them up as much." Essentially, it would be an ombré but just focused at the root.

I was sold—and she was right. It's been nearly six months since that initial appointment, and I've only gotten my hair touched up once.

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