The Fascinating Sleep Habits of Gwyneth, Lea, and More

Lindsey Metrus


Getting a good night's rest is as elusive as hailing a cab in the rain—just when you need it most, it's an impossibility. The worst part is that sometimes our lack of shut-eye is voluntary (we blame Netflix's auto-play-next-episode feature—might as well stay up and watch another one, right?). The next-day sleepless hangover surely isn't worth re-watching a Gilmore Girls season for the umpteenth time, which is why establishing a sleep routine is so crucial. 

We've turned to hypnotists and sleep experts to glean their tried-and-true tips for falling into a deep slumber, but while their line of work calls for them to be fluent in sleep, there's another, less conventional group we find ourselves reaping massively fascinating sleep tips from: celebs. They have crazy and fleeting schedules, after all, so if anyone knows the importance of sleep and ensuring they actually get enough of it, it's them. From Mariah Carey's steam room/bedroom to Mindy Kaling's unorthodox pre-pillow cocktail, keep scrolling for the most interesting sleep habits of the rich and famous. 

Do your sleep habits err on the side of extreme or simple? Tell us below!

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