A Nigerian Model Tells Us Her Fascinating Under-$14 Skincare Routine

Amanda Montell


Did we catch you staring at the woman in the photo above? We don't blame you. That's Julia Ese Otobo, a Nigerian MSA model, founder of the blog NappyEse, and generally breathtakingly human who just so happens to have perfect skin. We first met Otobo when we sought her advice for a story about how people detoxify their bodies around the world. Needless to say, we promptly became obsessed with her colourful-cool aesthetic and beautiful, even, blemish-free complexion.

Curious to know exactly how Otobo achieves her airbrushed look (occupational hazard), we got back in touch and had her spill. "My routine is mostly very simple," she told us. "Less is more, and the more natural the better." Natural products from the drugstore or health food store make up the entirety of Otobo's regimen. "It's more environmentally friendly, healthier because there's less processing and chemicals, and easier on the pockets," she said. Indeed, the most expensive product in Otobo's skincare routine costs a mere $14.

Care to know how this Nigerian beauty cares for her skin? Just keep scrolling.

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