Avoid These 3 Ingredients for Healthier Skin for the Rest of Autumn

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Caring for your skin during the autumn and winter is a particularly challenging task. The weather's working against you, and when you're ready to hop into your cosy bed to beat the cold it's easy to skimp on your nighttime beauty routine. Furthermore, some of the ingredients found in our skincare products are actually exacerbating the winter damage. Say goodbye to dry skin and rough patches by steering clear of certain ingredients dermatologists warn are worsening the effects of cold-weather months. Pop Sugar Australia had dermatologists weigh in on the exact ingredients to avoid during autumn so you can get your skin back on track to looking hydrated and beautiful.

Keep scrolling to study up on the ingredients to avoid this autumn and what skincare items to use instead.



You may feel the urge to double up on petrolatum-based products when it's cold out for an extra boost of moisture, but Daniel Foitl, M.D. actually advises the opposite. "The comedogenic properties of petrolatum truly seal off our skin from air, water, or anything else that wants to enter or leave," he warns. "They don't allow ambient moisture to enter our skin. In addition, they can trap oil and dirt leading to blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads."



"Overuse of astringents, especially those containing alcohol, strip skin of its natural oils," says Foitl, which leaves your skin raw and vulnerable to dryness and infections—not doing any favours for your complexion.



Sherry Ingraham, M.D. recommends "avoiding soap-based cleansers whenever possible, especially during the dry, winter months." As an alternative, she says to look for cleansers that are pH neutral.

Head here to discover 5 autumn skincare rules a dermatologist wants you to follow.

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