Western vs. Eastern Skincare: I Had 2 Opposing Experts Analyse My Regimen

Amanda Montell

Throughout my career as a beauty editor, I've come to learn that there are just as many skincare philosophies as there are diets. And just like with food, whatever belief system a person subscribes to, they tend to follow it religiously. I've encountered dozens of skincare experts over the years, and their backgrounds run the gamut: There are the earthy holistic types, who believe that the best skincare products come from your kitchen; then, there are the Beverly Hills dermatologists, who are quick to prescribe you intensive peels and lasers, defying nature in the quest for youthful skin. There's also everything in between.

Personally, that's where I fall. I'm hippie-dippie enough to care that my ingredients are gentle and cruelty-free, but also science-minded enough that I'm sceptical of everything. Generally speaking, I subscribe to provable ingredients and visible results. But I'm also a sucker for pretty packaging, and I tend to switch up my skincare routine often, thanks to all the new products that come across my desk. (I know, it's *so* hard to be me.) So sometimes, I fail to read the fine print on everything I use.

For a few weeks now, I've managed to stick to a pretty consistent routine, and I was curious to learn what experts from each end of the skincare spectrum thought about it. So, I got in touch with a holistic skincare specialist and a traditional esthetician, sent them detailed reports of my routine, and had them review it. Would the natural guru find my routine too intensive? Would the traditional one think it ineffective? Read on to find out how two radically different experts reacted to the same skincare routine.

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