Beyoncé's Makeup Artist Says This Is the Most Universally Flattering Brow Shape

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There are certain universal truths in life. One: your eyebrows are important. And two: when Beyoncé's makeup artist, Sir John, sheds light on said truth, you don't ignore it. Instead, we get more information. And since Sir John just gave us exclusive details on the most flattering brow shape, we mean in formation, as well. Whether your brows are asymmetrical, sparse, curly, or practically untameable, L'Oréal celebrity makeup artist Sir John, has the answer. Keep reading for his prescribed brow shape and a couple of helpful hints for every type of brow (Because no set is alike.)

For Asymmetrical or Sparse brows

According to Sir John, the key is in trimming, or rather, not trimming. "It's all about those baby hairs," he tells us. To keep your eyebrows in place and as full as possible he recommends applying warm castor oil at night to stimulate hair growth. (Seriously, who knew?) While you wait for more growth, use your favourite brow product to feather in light and natural strokes. (Sir John likes this one from L'Oréal.) 

for curly or untameable brows

To add some control and shape to extra-dense brows, Sir John recommends brushing ends up with a spoolie and then *carefully* trimming.

Then, use a pencil in lieu of a powder to do any fill-in work. Pencils will lock-in the appearance of your brows better than a powder formula which Sir John says can easily "dissipate away from the movement of the curls."

Another expert tip: condition your brows. Yep, like the hair on your scalp. Apparently, this will help "relax the curl" and heavier textured brow can easily handle the extra hit of hydration.


The Best, universal shape

Prepare the drumroll...according to Sir John, the best way to approach your perfect shape is to veer clear of anything too dramatic (i.e. crazy arches or anything reminiscent of our brows circa 2003). Instead, stick with a straight brow, or what he calls "the universal shape," to strategically frame your unique eye shape.

To get the look, he advises using lateral sweeping movements with your go-to brow product. Then, slightly taper the strokes as you make your way to the outer-corner of the eye.

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