A Minimalistic Manicure for Every Zodiac Sign

by Byrdie

Once September 1 (the first day of spring) rolls around, we give ourselves full permission to go full-out with our nails. While we love to experiment with cool looks all year round, spring is the time when you can get away with vibrant manicures without anyone thinking it extra. Of course, when it comes to nail art, things can get really tacky really fast, so we like to be strategic with our designs. And because we don't take ourselves too seriously, this spring, that strategy has everything to do with the stars.

Basing your beauty look on your astrological sign isn't a novel idea, but it also isn't getting old. We love catering our looks to our personality, so why not? Horoscope nail art might be silly, but it's also our latest obsession. So we hit up astrology expert (and Julep nail guru) Kimberly Peta Dewhirst to pick out 12 manicures specifically curated for each sign of the zodiac. Keep scrolling to see what minimalistic manicure you should ask for at your next nail appointment, according to your star sign!

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