Love Mecca? You'll Live for This New Online Beauty Store

Amanda Bardas

Oh boy is your savings account about to take a real hit. Eleanor Pendleton, founder and editor of Australian beauty site Gritty Pretty, has just launched an e-commerce store and a candle collaboration all in one go, and we’re obsessed. The online store offers a curated mix of brands and products—so while it may stock a brand you love, you’ll only find a selection of the products available. Every item stocked is hand-picked by the Gritty Pretty team, so you know that everything you’re buying, has an editor’s seal of approval.

Ahead of its launch, we caught up with Pendleton to learn more about the e-commerce offering, and why she felt it was finally time for the next stage of Gritty Pretty. Scroll down to read our exclusive interview.

Opening image: @EleanorPendleton

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