And the Biggest Beauty Trend of 2015 Is…

Faith Xue

As beauty editors, we're required to have a keen eye for trends. Sure, we have runway experts who might help clue us in, but when it comes to product trends, we’re pretty good at spotting them on our own—mainly because when something comes across your desk enough times, you start to pay attention. Such is the case with what we’re dubbing the year’s biggest beauty trend: a.k.a. sheer everything. Gone are the days of shine-free skin and matte lips (so 2014)—no, the latest crop of beauty products are lighter, dewier, and simply exist to help you look like a better, glowier version of yourself. This makes sense, given the season’s no-makeup makeup trend, and though we’ve always been #teammatte, we can’t help but see the appeal of a sheerer, more natural sheen. Ahead, we’ve gathered some of our favourite new sheer products—keep scrolling to shop them all!

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