6 Shaving Habits You Need to Drop Immediately

Lindsey Metrus

Rough, bumpy, and red: Three words we never want to use to describe our legs, but alas (and much to our dismay), we find ourselves acquainted with this painful trio of symptoms time and time again after we shave. And don't even get us started on ingrown hairs. The fact that hair can grow out of the follicle and then back into the skin is mother nature playing some kind of sick joke, we're convinced. How is that the women in those commercials touting shaving cream or razors always have the smoothest legs? Is this false advertising or are we just doing something wrong? Before we wave our white flags and book our first laser hair removal appointment (admittedly something we won't ever completely write off), we decided to consult some skin experts to figure out what these shaving mistakes are and how to fix them.

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