Over 1000 Beauty Insiders Agree: These Are the Best Makeup Products at Sephora

by Byrdie

When we test and review products for you, dear readers, we give our honest, no-bull opinions. We hope that our impressions are well received and that they help you ultimately decide whether that product is a fit for your own beauty and wellness routines. However, we realise we're one review in a sea of other women who may have had different results.

That's the "beauty" of beauty products, after all—we all have different experiences with them. As such, there's a source that even we love to reference before purchasing a product: the Sephora reviews. There, thousands upon thousands of women share their tips, thoughts, praises, and concerns, shedding light on aspects of products we might not have thought about. So today, we've pooled together some of the most beloved makeup products at Sephora with over 1000 reviews (some with over 20,000 "loves") with one general consensus: Go and purchase!

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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