We Asked Sephora's 3 New Beauty Directors What They'd Buy for $150

Faith Xue

Earlier this month, Sephora announced that its Pro Team was evolving and three of its former Pro Team members were now beauty directors. I got to meet David Razzano, Jeffrey English, and Myiesha Sewell—all seasoned makeup artists who create the looks for Sephora’s campaigns, consult on trends, and more—and we spent a lovely afternoon doing my favourite thing: discussing our favourite beauty products in great detail. In our short time together, it soon became clear that I had hit the beauty-expert gold mine. All of them introduced me to under-the-radar gems I hadn’t tried yet at Sephora—almost like it’s their job or something. Considering they have all spent years getting to test, swatch, and recommend every single product that launches at Sephora, it’s safe to take their recs as your next shopping list. With that in mind, I asked them what products would make the cut if they had $150 to spend in utopia, er, Sephora. Their answers didn’t disappoint. Apologies in advance to your wallet, but these picks just might be worth going broke for.

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