This Editor Puts Scotch Tape on Her Zits...and Says It Works

Faith Xue

As far as zit-zapping cures come, we’ve pretty much heard every one under the sun—or so we thought. Stylecaster’s Cristina Velocci penned a story today highlighting her love of Scotch's Magic Tape ($6) as a pimple-busting miracle treatment. Yes—the thing you use to wrap your niece’s birthday presents. “It basically hermetically seals the offending area, keeping gunk and inflammation at bay,” she says. It you're tempted to try it out yourself, Velocci recommends always washing your hands and face prior to application, using a topical acne treatment before sticking on the tape, and attempting this only before bed. She also suggests popping the pimple first, which she describes as a “gonzo approach” that works best. 

We have to admit, we are dubious about this method, mainly because it seems to go against everything we've been taught about how to handle a zit—but who are we to say one woman’s beauty methods are better than another? Velocci does admit that most derms would probably not recommend this method, quoting Dr. Dennis Gross, who says it can be irritating, and also lead to potential skin damage when the tape is peeled off the skin. Though this may be an untraditional way to deal with lone pimples, it’s definitely not the strangest beauty trick we’ve heard: there’s always putting ketchup in your hair, or the Visine spot treatment method

You can head to Stylecaster to read her full account.

If you'd rather cure your zit with a pre-medicated patch, try Formula 10.0.6's Overnight Spot Minimizing Patches ($6).

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