Yes, This Model's Frida Kahlo Unibrow Is Real; No, She's Not Ashamed of It

Amanda Montell

Scarlett Costello doesn't paint self-portraits, but if she did, they'd surely go viral. The 19-year-old model has one of the most captivating faces in beauty right now—you may have scrolled past one of her relaxed, pouty Instagrams before. And if you did, you invariably did a double-take. Because the beauty up-and-comer, whose already posed for brands like Converse, Nastygal, and J Brand, has a real-deal Frida Kahlo unibrow. And she's not ashamed of it—in fact, she never has been, not even when she was a tween. This fact is both refreshing and totally mysterious. A non-traditional feature and no insecurity? How?? We had to find out. 

Just in time for the anniversary of Frida Kahlo's birthday, we got to chat with Costello about her beauty inspirations, confidence, and (of course) her go-to brow routine. Keep scrolling to learn more about your newest beauty muse. 

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