The 18 Best Beauty Looks at the 2017 SAG Awards

Victoria Hoff

Last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards marked the unofficial halfway point of award season. With the Golden Globes behind us, we still have the Grammy Awards and the Oscars to look forward to, and the momentum is still in full swing. So, too, is the impressive array of red carpet getups—and that, of course, includes some particularly on-point beauty looks. 

Save for a few outliers, effortless hair continues to be a hallmark trend, as does rose-tinged eye makeup and an emphasis on luminous skin. Even more notable: Despite the opulence of the occasion, many of these luxe looks come courtesy of drugstore cosmetics.

On that note, keep scrolling to take a closer look at some of our favourite looks of the SAG Awards—as well as the products and techniques behind them.

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