These Aren't Regular Rose Perfumes—They're Cool Rose Perfumes

Audrey Noble

When you think of traditional fragrance bases, rose is probably one of the first ones that comes to mind. The flower itself has a distinct sweet smell to it, and it's classically been thought of as ladylike and romantic. And if you've decided that that's not your vibe and maybe even ruled out rose when you go looking for a new signature scent, we're here to make a case for reconsidering.

First of all, contrary to popular opinion, rose scents are not a one-dimensional group. In fact, when mixed with the right notes, rose fragrances can range from light and crisp to strong and musky. And we've got proof: We rounded up a variety of rose perfumes that all smell a little different to appeal every type of fragrance lover. Click through to find the rose perfume is the one for you.

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