2 Byrdie Editors (Who Are Also Roommates) Swap Makeup Routines

Amanda Montell

Amanda Montell

Whenever people find out that Byrdie's assistant editor Erin and I live together, they always tell us it's the cutest thing they have ever heard. "Beauty editor roomies!" they squeal. Little do they know our living situation is even more adorable than they know. Our apartment is spilling over with products, and because Erin and I love beauty both in the office and out, we always wind up swapping products and advice—from how to repair our colour-damaged hair to how to remove our old self-tanner—as we sit in the living room, drinking wine, prepping tomorrow's Byrdie stories.

But Erin and I also definitely have different makeup aesthetics. When asked to describe hers in a few words, Erin said "classically feminine, lots of pink." Mine, by contrast, is a little more eclectic. I like glitter eye shadow and lipstick shades that don't naturally occur on the human body (orange-y ones are my favourite). That said, Erin and I are constantly complimenting one another's looks; so, we finally decided to try them out. For a day, Erin and I swapped our entire signature makeup looks—from foundation to lipstick. Below are our honest reviews.

Our Signature Looks

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