How Your Favourite Romantic Comedy Characters Would Do Their Makeup in 2018

Amanda Montell

Sometimes, nothing feels better than a night of chilling at home with a glass of wine, watching your favourite romantic comedies, and swooning after the leading ladies' iconic looks. Consciously and unconsciously, rom-com queens like Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts have influenced so many of our beauty choices. The first time I ever applied pink lip gloss, all I wanted was to look like Elle Woods.

If we could, we'd go on a Sephora shopping spree with Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman and Jennifer Lopez's character Mary Fiore from The Wedding Planner, but since that's not exactly in the cards, we'll settle for this game of make-believe instead. Read on to discover our 2018 interpretations of unforgettable rom-com makeup routines—from classics like Diane Keaton's titular character in Annie Hall and Meg Ryan's Annie Reed in Sleepless in Seattle to 21st-century blockbuster roles like Reese Witherspoon's Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. If these onscreen icons were to shop for makeup today, this is what we think they'd buy.

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