Rita Ora’s Makeup Artist Reveals Her Crazy Concealer Trick

Mary Peffer


We heart ogling celebrity beauties, but our enthusiasm reaches groundbreaking freakout status when we learn one of their go-to beauty hacks. Case in point, Rita Ora, who always manages to impress us with her well-slept glow and porcelain smooth complexion. Ora’s makeup artist, Kathy Jeung, who currently works exclusively with the actress and singer—including all appearances on Britain’s The X Factor—revealed her under-eye secret.

Jeung shared that when Ora has dark circles, “I’ll first use a peach- or pink-toned concealer, over dark areas only, to neutralise the blue. To match and blend with the rest of her face, over that, [I] use a concealer one shade lighter than her foundation on the under-eye area.”

While this is a fairly basic camouflage-coverage lesson, things got interesting as she shared that matte formula lipstick becomes her secret weapon in a pinch.

“Want to use the concealer you already own to cover darkness? Mix in a tiny bit of matte red-orange lipstick (not a blue-toned red) with a light-coloured concealer to create a dark-circle neutraliser,” said Jeung.

Jeung’s go-to for Rita is Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss ($13) in shades 110 and 111. But she also praises the powers of MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger ($36). 

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