Rihanna Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

Dacy Knight


Rihanna's ever-changing beauty looks have come to be expected, yet they still surprise us every time. This year alone has seen the singer sport everything from polished ponytails to long dreadlocks, but her most recent switch-up is the most dramatic yet. It appears that Rihanna will be ringing in the New Year (or at least spending part of the holidays) as a platinum blonde.

Debuting the golden 'do while toasting champagne with friends, Rihanna topped off her shoulder-length, wavy blond locks with a beige beanie and coordinating shearling jacket. While this isn't the first time Rihanna's gone lighter, the sunny hue is a bold choice for the northern hemisphere winter and a strong departure from the natural dark brown tresses she's played with for most of the year. 

Opening Image: Chris Jackson/Getty

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