The One Food a Gynecologist Wants You to Stop Eating

Lindsey Metrus

Here at Byrdie HQ, we firmly believe that there are no taboos when it comes to female health—and that's why we're making it our mission to destigmatize any and all discussion surrounding birth control, our periods, and any other topic related to reproductive wellness. It's something we stand by all year long, but in observation ofNational Women's Health Week, we're highlighting some of our best guides and stories on the subject. Tune in all week long to get versed on your options when it comes to birth control, what it's really like to get an IUD, why you should care about which tampons you buy, and more.



John Mayer has a point: Women's bodies are wonderlands (but not exactly in the ogling, slightly creepy way he's singing about). Physically (and mentally, of course), women are tough cookies. We endure crippling cramps, bleed for a week straight (sometimes less, sometimes more—hormones are very unpredictable), and grow entire humans in our bodies. But as beautiful and incredible as our anatomy is, there are several common things we do each day that could be harming our precious reproductive systems.

To find out how to properly take care down there, we spoke with gynecologist and SweetSpot Labs expert Jessica A. Shepherd, MD. Spoiler: Turns out reaching for chocolate when we're PMSing is causing more problems than just the unnecessary calories we're ingesting. Keep scrolling to read her top five don'ts.

Up next, take a look at how to balance your hormones naturally.

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