The Genius Toning Conditioner Every Blonde Needs

by Lexy Lebsack

Keeping platinum or highlighted hair bright requires a certain level of skill, and by that we mean knowing how to use violet-coloured at-home toning products. Too much purple shampoo or conditioner and your blonde will end up with a lavender tint, too little and you won’t get results. Luckily, Redken has removed the guesswork with their newest release.

Redken’s Blonde Idol Custom-Tone Violet for Cool Blondes ($32) is a dual-chamber conditioner that lets you control the strength of the toning ingredients, based on how many weeks it’s been since your last trip to the salon. Start on week one, which delivers only the nourishing white conditioner, then crank the top one click each week to add more purple conditioner into the mix. You can use the conditioner daily on the lower levels, and twice a week when you get to weeks four, five, and six. Our verdict? It’s already earned a spot in our shower.

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