We Asked, You Answered: These Are Byrdie Readers' Favourite Makeup Products

Lindsey Metrus

The Lovecats Inc. / Haobin Ye

According to Nielsen, the most trusted product review comes from those closest to you. In fact, 92% of people would sooner buy something because a loved one told them to than listen to an advertisement or even a third-party expert. As editors, we love science, hard facts, and learning from our expert contacts, but we're quick to admit that a friend texting us about a game-changing serum or a brow pencil to end all brow pencils will have us running to Sephora faster than anything else.

And because we consider you all friends, we value your input just as much as our inner circle. You comment on our stories to tell us your opinions, DM us, and have conversations with us on Facebook, and trust us when we say we value your recommendations. That's why we put an ask out to you, dear readers (on Instagram and our secret Facebook  group), to find out which products you deem the cream of the crop. Today's focus: makeup. Ahead, take a look at your #1 picks!

Do these picks align with your favourites? Please tell us below!

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