Psst: These Super-Healthy Seeds Will Bless You With the Prettiest Hair and Skin

Erin Jahns


If pumpkin seeds resurrect the cosy nostalgia of a lifetime's worth of pumpkin carvings past, we're right there with you. In fact, if we think about it long enough, we can almost feel the cold, evasive seeds sliding through our hands as we scooped out the fated insides of our prized pumpkin. Back then, the goal was to discard them as fast as possible. After all, there were stencils, spooky grins, and sharply shaped jack-o-'lantern teeth to attend to. However, these days, we know how many amazing health benefits pumpkin seeds can have, and we're very much into incorporating them into our diet (and yes, even our skincare routine) in any way possible. 

We've known that nuts and seeds are great for incorporating essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins into our diet, but for a while, chia seeds, flaxseeds, almonds, and walnuts seemed to take the glory. However, as it turns out, pumpkin seeds are the under-the-radar superfood that packs a serious punch where nutrition is concerned. Plus, they're absolutely delicious. Curious about the seeds and all of their radiance-enhancing potential, we asked Sammi Haber, a top nutritionist for NYC-based Nutrition Works, for a crash course in all things pumpkin seeds. From benefits to cooking and buying tips, keep reading to learn all about pumpkin seeds and why they should be considered your newest snack du jour.

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