These Puffy-Eye Remedies Actually Work

Katharine McEntee


You’d think getting an adequate amount of rest and eating a healthy diet would make under-eye puffiness disappear, but alas, we still see bags underneath our eyes. And while these bags aren’t nearly as bad as the ones we encounter following a late night out, they can be just as annoying. Since we’re tired of people asking if we’re tired, we reached out to a few skin experts for a few puffy-eye remedies.

According to Dendy Engelman, MD, of Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center, puffy eyes are mainly caused by excess salt in the body. But that’s not all: UV rays and free radicals can also contribute to under-eye puffiness, says Charlene DeHaven, MD, iS Clinical's clinical director, as these environmental factors damage the delicate skin around the eyes, making the formation of bags more likely. So just what can we do to protect and de-puff the under-eye area? According to dermatologists, drinking more water, wearing sunscreen, and applying a cold compress is a good place to start. For more tips on how to remedy under-eye puffiness, keep on reading.

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