Hair SOS: 6 Products That Will Protect Your Hair From Cold Weather

Katharine McEntee

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We commonly associate summer’s dry heat with hair damage, however, autumn is just as bad, if not worse, for our tresses, thanks to dropping temperatures and the simultaneous blasting of indoor heaters. While we are well informed on how to take care of our summer locks, taking care of our autumn strands is uncharted territory for some, particularly those lucky Queensland folk. To figure out the best way to protect hair in cold weather, we reached out to Honey Artists hairstylist Corey Tuttle and stylist Scott Waldman at Antonio Prieto Salon for their expert advice on saving our tresses from what seems to be a colder-than-usual autumn.

If you’ve been dealing with uncharacteristically frizzy strands, you’re are not alone. Tuttle says, “Cold, dry air can cause the cuticle layer of the hair to lift, and going into a warm environment then takes the moisture out of the hair, leaving it dry and frizzy.” So how exactly do we remedy these less-than-ideal hair conditions?  Waldman says it is of the utmost importance to “factor in the environmental changes” and “treat your hair and scalp appropriately.” Keep reading for Tuttle and Waldman’s six essential tips for protecting your strands this autumn.

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