This Super-Common Habit Could Be Why Your Hair Isn’t Growing

Emily Algar

As beauty journalists, it’s our job to be sceptical of every outlandish claim that’s made about hair growth. Instagram is flooded with gimmicks (and gummy bears), all claiming to make your hair sprout ten inches overnight, but how do we separate fact from fiction? Since how to speed up hair growth is the million-dollar question, and to get a straight answer, we enlisted the help of seasoned stylist Anthony Nader.

Nader is an expert in all things hair-related, and he has some interesting things to say about the natural hair-growth cycle. First, you can’t expect Rapunzel-style lengths if your hair is in a crappy condition. Second, supplements are important, you just need to know what to choose. Oh, and did we mention that there’s a certain habit that can also ruin your efforts?

Keep reading for all the intel (without the BS) when it comes to speeding up hair growth.

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