6 Beauty Products Guaranteed to Make You Look More Attractive

Lindsey Metrus


Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. We're not here to tell you what you should look like or that you're only attractive if x, y, or z. No, each person is their own form of beautiful—that's what makes working in beauty so exciting.

So while we celebrate all different types of beauty here at Byrdie from a subjective standpoint, it's always interesting to hear about physical beauty from a biological or a scientific perspective. When we previously researched which traits in a woman are considered most attractive, we were surprised to learn that characteristics like long arms and brown hair were favoured, so as true product junkies, we wondered which beauty items would help us appear more attractive, scientifically speaking. Is a certain eyeshadow more appealing than others? Does a lipstick trigger something in men and women's brains? Take a look at our findings below.

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