6 Skincare Items Aestheticians Will Never Use

Lindsey Metrus

Original Illustration by Kimmie Perl and Ellie Benuska

We heed the advice of aestheticians like it's been written into law. After all, they have studied up on the best ingredients, treatments, and processes for healthy, supple skin and worked their magic on a bevy of clients. Improving skin's look and appearance is their daily intention, and truly, we thank them for their service.

But along with their tips for the best products to use and the best ways to use them, aestheticians also have a blacklist of products that they have sworn off for good. The main culprits? Skin-harming ingredients that many of us don't even realise are causing damage. Ready to find out what they are? Keep scrolling.

Which type of product have you completely written off? Please tell us why below!

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